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The 150th birth anniversary of Ivan Tavčar (2001)

For the 150th birth anniversary of Ivan Tavčar and on the initiative of our school a special stamp from the series of Famous Personalities was issued by The Post of Slovenia.


Darwin’s voyage by the Beagle ship presented on a globe

On the international Earth Day in 2002 Primary School Poljane, some donors and individuals bought an artistic globe representing Charles Darwin’s voyage by the Beagle ship. The globe was made by the academic painter Maja Šubic. A special stamp was issued on that occasion as well.


The 100th anniversary of Primary School Javorje

“Where is the village of Javorje? Somewhere in the Poljane valley. We went on the bus and the conductor knew about the village. He gave us tickets and we set out for Javorje …” remembers the onetime teacher, Ivanka Demšar. It was the year 1951, when she, together with her friend, visited her future working post.

In the publication, which was issued by Primary School Poljane in 2005, on the 100th anniversary of Primary School Javorje, schooling in remote places is described and proves that it was going on as early as in the beginning of the 20th century.


The International Project “Mit Händ und Fiaß”

Our pupils were included in this project in 2005. The project was supported and financed by the Austrian government. We cooperated with pupils from Austria, Check Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. Schoolchildren made figures of animals, they coloured them, some were imprinted, others equipped by strings and their sounds were recorded. Pupils realized how art could tell us a lot more than a thousand words. A special stamp was also issued.


The opening of the new Sports Hall (Sports Centre) in the beginning of school year 2007/2008


The 170th birth anniversary and the 100th death anniversary of Janez Jesenko, a geographer, a historian and a translator

In October 2008 our school together with Hunting party Poljane and Slovenian Geographers’ union honoured his memory by unveiling a memorial tablet on his birthplace Na produ, exhibition of his works and issuing a publication.


130 years of organized education in Poljane

The school chronicle is a permanent and valuable document especially for school’s history …. While reading old chronicles an idea of gathering some important historical events occurred. The results were issued in a special publication which shows the history of organized schooling system in Poljane. You can come across very interesting data and you may be surprised that many things are still up-to-date.


2017/18: A number of anniversaries in 2017 – the 30th anniversary of Primary School Poljane, the 30th anniversary of Nursery School Agata, the 20th anniversary of the autonomous Primary Scool Poljane, and the 10th anniversary of the new gym.

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